Dr. Michele Bambling




Lest We Forget: Structures of Memory in the UAE 

Responding to the theme ‘Absorbing Modernity: 1914-2014’ set by Rem Koolhaas (curator of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition), ‘Lest We Forget: Structures of Memory in the United Arab Emirates’ presents the seminal findings of a larger initiative to archive the history of architectural and urban development in the UAE over the past century. With concentrated emphasis on the 1970s-1980s, the exhibition examines how public and residential architecture, built within a rapidly expanding urban context, shaped the newly established federation and prepared the foundation for its emergence on a global stage.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Michele Bambling in collaboration with the research team of Adina Hempel, Marco Sosa and Hanan Sayed Worrell.