National Pavilion UAE - Meet Talal Al Ansari – in three different ways…
  • Meet Talal Al Ansari – in three different ways…

    Talal AlAnsari - Photo (2x2in) 

    Talal AlAnsari,  29 hitting 30 soon, Associate Urban Designer at Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

    Three things no one knows about me:

    1.  Used to play the drums
    2. I only listen to English music
    3. My doodles and sketches are mine, only few have seen what’s hidden in my sketchbooks

    –  Three ways of defining art as I see it:

    1. Art is everything
    2. Art is Subjective
    3. Art is what we call Art

    Three reasons why I applied for the Venice Internship:

    1. Represent my country
    2. A portal to meet new individuals in the creative field
    3. Expand my knowledge in design and art via the different mediums the internship offers

    –  Three assumptions I have about Venice, Italy or Italians:

    1-Authentic architecture  2-Artistic environment 3- Individuals with Style

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