National Pavilion UAE - Back In Time – By Ghaleya Saeed
  • Back In Time – By Ghaleya Saeed

    Review of Barjeel Art Foundation in Maraya Art Centre. 

    Throughout the past three years I majored in Art, I had the opportunity to visit many wonderful exhibitions and Art galleries but the one extraordinary Art center that astounded me was “The Maraya Art Center” in Al Qasba, Sharjah.

    That day for me was like chance meets opportunity, I had the chance to expand my exploration and I did not let it pass by.  As part of the Venice Internship Program,  we had to visit some exhibitions to explore some art pieces and gain more experience in the field.  We visited Sharjah Biennial and The Maraya Art Center.

    What I really liked in The Maraya Art Center is the personal collection of HH Sultan bin Saud Al Qassimi of Arab Art.  A collection of modern pieces of fine Art in the 19th century made by famous Arab artists who witnessed the cultural and regional changes.  Many great well-known names includes: Hassan Glaoui, Shaker Hassan Al Said, Dianna Al Hadid, and Shadi Habib Allah.  Their work was displayed in four rooms.  I liked that their work had a very Arabic touch and reflective of the rich culture and heritage of the Arab world.  It also shows the amazing taste HH has in collecting such unique and brilliant pieces.  The colors, shapes and figures were beautifully put together as if they were telling a story.  There were paintings that showed the role of women in Arab countries and some also captured the Arab dance movements.  Other paintings also captured historical events the Arab world went through, which now serves as a valuable inheritance they for us.  Not to mention the amazing choice of background music that gave visitors a sense of life in the paintings.  Everything there made me feel like I went back in time.

    It is nice to see that the interest in the Arab Art still alive. Barjeel Art Foundation has saved the most valuable pieces for the next generation to explore.  I am positive that The Maraya Art Centre serves as a great reminder of how great Arab art is, both modern and contemporary.

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