National Pavilion UAE - Eid in Venezia
  • Eid in Venezia

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    The National Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates – la Biennale di Venezia celebrated Eid in a special way in Venice.

    The third batch of interns were slightly worried that they will not feel the spirit of Eid in Venice, but together we made it happen. Armored with loads of sweet Dates from the UAE, some tasty chocolates and the girls’ wonderful sense of traditional Emirati sense, we made the first day of Eid a memorable one indeed.

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    We distributed dates to the Biennale staff early in the morning explaining- in italian! –  what Eid is, and they were very happy to hear our stories and share our dates. We also saved some of the delicacies for our guests who were now not only impressed by Mohammed Kazem’s work, but also by the interns’ hospitality, generosity and the extra effort they put into making the guests’ experience in the Biennale, a little bit nicer.

    After work, we headed to a Kurdish-Iraqi restaurant in Campo Santa Margrita, a restaurant that was recommended by the previous batches in 2009 and 2011 and also the favorite of our first two batches. The girls loved the variety of food that tasted like home.


    We really did enjoy our Eid here in Venice, and we hope that with our little dates and kind wishes we managed to spread the Eid joy to our family in the Biennale as well.

    عساكم من عواده

    Mariam Wissam

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