National Pavilion UAE - Goodbye Ghaleya, Alyazia, Hajera and Ilaria
  • Goodbye Ghaleya, Alyazia, Hajera and Ilaria



    What a batch ! They say that the third is always the best. I am not sure if I can use the word best, since I have had such wonderful experiences so far with each batch that putting one forth ahead of others seems very unfair. Each batch of interns add a different narrative to Venice and the National Pavilion of the UAE, they bring stories with them from the UAE and create new interesting ones in Venice.

    This batch did it all: From being early on in the pavilion before any of the biennale staff, to spending nights exploring Venice and trying to understand its culture, language and silences. The girls had instant chemistry with the city, not even one moment of awkwardness or shyness with their first encounter with Venice. I personally tried to guide them to visit this place, and the other only to be pleasantly surprised that they actually knew all the places. 

    They submitted all of their assignments on time without the need for reminders. They asked questions about art, culture and even language to satisfy their never-ending curosity, they befriended strangers that then became family, they even went to the trouble to visiting the other ‘poorer’ parts of the Veneto region to connect and understand the city more. 

    Ghaleya, Alyazia, Hajera and Ilaria, you will be and are missed constantly. I couldn’t be more proud to have been your supervisor. 



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