National Pavilion UAE - Goodbye Maria, Ahmad, Hasan and Nidal
  • Goodbye Maria, Ahmad, Hasan and Nidal


    The month of October welcomed our fifth batch of interns working in the National Pavilion of the UAE, and as part of the Venice Internship Program. The four selected came from different backgrounds but all shared one goal; pursuing a career in arts and culture.

    This batch was very different from other batches, I faced some difficulties and they sure did as well; naturally of course because of how different they all were from each other, but it was that difference that sparked an alternative rhythm to the program and added a bit of excitement to my life as an on-ground supervisor as well.

    Maria and on her first week, wrote a post-it note on the walls of the office ‘demanding’ all interns to speak only Arabic with her, or else they would have to pay a penalty. This proved to be fun and challenging, and the process led to Maria speaking now with a slightly Emirati dialect. Ahmad on the other hand, found the opportunity outside working hours to discover little artist workshops and worked with local artists and craftsmen to create some art and memorabila.

    Hasan, being the writer and the poet found so much inspiration in the city, and was often found pondering about history, life and other things inspiring in the city that never fails to amaze you.

    Nidal used this opportunity to brush up on some dancing skills after working hours, and meet artists and like-minded people that could inspire his art and creations back home in Abu Dhabi.

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    They all came with expectations, and left with wealth of knowledge, information and memories.

    I miss them already, and only comforted by the arrival of the last batch of interns, and also the fact that Maria lives in Venice, and so I still have a hint of the craziness and the warmth of the fifth batch with me.

    Goodbye Maria, Ahmad, Hasan and Nidal, and see you soon inshAllah.

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