National Pavilion UAE - Meet Adel Al Jabri – in three different ways …
  • Meet Adel Al Jabri – in three different ways …

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    My name is Adel Al Jabri, I am a jaded 24 year old with a decent amount of grey hair. I work for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival as a junior programmer and coordinator focusing on short films and student films from the six GCC nations.

    Three things no one knows about you, but should perhaps?

    1. I have a short attention span, but will never show it.
    2. My younger sister teaches me how to cook.
    3. I have a secret desire to be cast as the suave main villain in a film or play. I think villains are so much cooler than heroes.

    Three ways of defining art as you see it

    1. if civilisation were a physical human being, the arts would be his or her 5 senses.
    2. Art is an expression. Not a medium. The medium the art is displayed in is merely a vessel.
    3. Art is a prolific and symbolic way of preserving our presence in this world. 

    Three reasons why you applied for the venice internship program

    1. To expose myself to something other than film festivals.
    2. Cultural exchange and education
    3. To gain the grand experience that I know this internship will provide and using it to drive my career forward. I have a very firm belief that this internship will be the introduction to a new chapter in my life.

    Three assumptions you have about Venice, Italy or Italians..

    1. Venice is a one of a kind city in the world.
    2. Venetians have a different cuisine than the traditional Italian cuisine, I am curious to try it!
    3. Italians are some of the friendliest and most animated people in the world. Just my type of people 
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