National Pavilion UAE - Meet Ahmad Al Areef- in three different ways …
  • Meet Ahmad Al Areef- in three different ways …


    My Name is Ahmad Saeed AlAreef AlDhaheri and I am a left-handed Bedouin Emirati artist. born in 1988 behind the orange seas of Al Ain Oasis and raised between two cities Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Recently graduated from the American University of Sharjah from the college of Art and Science majoring in Advertising. Living most of my life between Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Al Ain, my way of approaching art comes from a place of tradition and heritage as well as contemporary notions.  This balance of the old and new, the past and the current, is part of my way of living and I tend to blends these two elements in everything I do, in the way I live. My passion for art was expressed at very early stages of my childhood, I have no boundaries and no boxes I limit myself to when considering art. I believe in God as the best creator and believe that imagination and creativity is a rare gift to humankind, which must be nurtured and considered when found in any form. The reason I applied to Venice internship program is pure simple. Why not! I do feel it is part of God’s plan as I always wanted to fly abroad seeking to fall in love with a the city I will adore, admire, and aspire always for the rest of my life. Venice will be that city, Inshallah.

    My assumption come from a very personal instinctive. Italian rhythms, smell of breakfast buns, rush hours, walking from hours, hard work, inspiring museums, interesting artists, longer mornings and shorter nights, and finally achieving one of my 2013 goals is all what I am assuming this trip will be.

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