National Pavilion UAE - Meet Ghaleya Saeed Ghanem – in three different ways…
  • Meet Ghaleya Saeed Ghanem – in three different ways…



    Age: 23, Abu Dhabi .Visual art student at Zayed University. 

    Hobbies: raising animals, playing sports, and I love to argue.

    I’ll start by telling you a little bit about myself, I’m a social person, loves to help others, enjoys and adores painting, drawing, portraiture, taking and editing photos at almost all times but also I’m very serious with my work.

    I love reading Arabic books and writing poems.  My Arabic notes allow me to express what I feel in a deep way better than other languages.  I’ve played sports since I was 7 years old, I have been in both basketball and football as well as marathon tournaments before.

    I adore animals especially cats, I own many and I would love to own more.  I am a very determined person towards my aim at anything that concerns art.  Art is what I am, what I wish to be and what I will help grow globally.  It has inspired me in so many ways and in a way it has always helped me through tough times.

    The main reason why I chose to apply to the Venice internship was cause it is a great way to begin my journey professionally because it is the center of the art world and, it has always been my dream to visit it simply  because I see it as the best way to start and it would be a great honor to represent my country in this huge occasion.

    My assumptions about Venice is that its rich in history , full of tourists and has fascinating views not mentioning their delicious pizza!

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