National Pavilion UAE - Meet Hasan Al Shaikh – in three different ways…
  • Meet Hasan Al Shaikh – in three different ways…


    Hasan AL Shaikh , 28, living and working in the glamorous city Dubai. I think the 80’s generation Rock !

    Three things no one knows about you, but should perhaps?

    1. I read 100 novel and poetry books
    2. In the process of publishing a photography book
    3. I would really love to visit Chile

    Three ways of defining art as you see it

    1. Art is an expression of love by colors
    2. Art must make an impact on someone
    3. Art is: Picasso

    Three reasons why you applied for the Venice Internship program

    1. Chance to meet the greatest artist of our modern time
    2. Experience working closely with the art community
    3. To gain the skills to work within Art galleries in future

    Three assumptions you have about Venice, Italy or Italians

    1. Venice: city of romance and inspiration
    2. Italians: Very joyful and elegant
    3. Italy: wherever you look you will see art !
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