National Pavilion UAE - Meet Khalid Al Ali – in three different ways …
  • Meet Khalid Al Ali – in three different ways …


    Khalid Al Khawar Al Ali , diplomat, 27

    Three things no one knows about you, but should perhaps?

    1. I am writer and I like to write  Arabic and English scripts.
    2. Create Arabic and English typography
    3. I like owls.

    Three ways of defining art as you see it

    1. Human Expression 
    2. Reflection of reality
    3. Expressing imagination

    Three reasons why you applied for the venice internship program

    1. Looking to have a great experience
    2. Having new friends
    3. Exploring venice

    Three assumptions you have about Venice, Italy or Italians..

    1. Historic city
    2. Full of museums
    3. Inspiring place for artists
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