National Pavilion UAE - Meet Khawla Darwish – in three different ways…
  • Meet Khawla Darwish – in three different ways…

    Khawla Darwish, 26, Visual artist.

    Three things no one knows about you:

    1. I can almost play anything I hear and I did not study nor am I able to read music language (musical ears).
    2. I can’t cook.
    3. I am very interested in medicine, medical research and discoveries.

    Three ways of defining art as you see it. What it really means to you?

    1.  Freedom.
    2. A universal language that everyone can speak and understand.
    3. What my words fail to express.

    Three reasons why you choose to apply to the Venice Internship Program.

    1. I want to be the next artist representing the UAE in the Venice Biennale.
    2. Learn what goes on behind the scene of a huge exhibition such as the Biennale.
    3. Form connections with people from the art scene that are not based in the UAE for future opportunities.

    Three assumptions you have about Venice, Italy or the Italians.

    1. Venice is a colorful city. 2. They have the best Pizza in the world. 3. It is the city of romance and love.
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