National Pavilion UAE - Meet Mariam Al Mazroui- in three different ways…
  • Meet Mariam Al Mazroui- in three different ways…

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    Maryam Al Mazroui, I am 27 years old and I work in TCA Abu Dhabi, my title is VIP and Collector Relations for Abu Dhabi Art.

    3 things no one knows about you but probably should?

    I love to cook, I’m bad with numbers and I’m a neat freak

    3 ways of defining art as you see it, what it really means to you?

    Art has no boundaries; Art can be anything around me from people walking in the streets to an old man’s Expressions. Art can be expressed in many ways and that is what defines who you are.

    3 reasons why you chose to apply to the Venice Internship Program?

    I believe that this is an opportunity to build relations and networking in Italy and to invite everyone to come visit the UAE and be a part of Abu Dhabi Art Fair.  This internship will also give me the chance to get back to sketching as I am an artist and would like to get inspired again in the beautiful city of Venice.  I would like to visit as many galleries and museums as possible and be around art constantly.

    3 assumptions about Venice, Italy or the Italians?

    Italians are loud. Italians believe they are the best country in the world. Venice is the Romantic part of Italy.


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