National Pavilion UAE - Meet Mohamed Al Ameri- in three different ways…
  • Meet Mohamed Al Ameri- in three different ways…




    Mohamed Al Ameri, born and raised in The capital of the United Arab Emirates “ Abu Dhabi “.  I’m working as a cultural and tourist guide.

    I started my own business in 2011, a tour operator company focused on the rich culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

    I travelled to more than 25 countries around the world, visited the 5 continents and aim to visit a 100 country. I have a passion for Modern and Contemporary Art.

    Three things no one knows about me:

    1.  I just started collecting Modern and Contemporary Art. A beginner in collection.
    2. I was a host in a big and famous TV talk show program in Australia called “ The Living room “ presenting Abu Dhabi
    3. I cook Chinese and Italian food.

    Three ways of defining art as I see it:

    1. Art is a way of culture understanding.
    2. Art is a living creation made by a human being.
    3. It always used to speak of that which we aspire to be.

    Three reasons why I applied to the Venice Internship Program:

    1. Exploring and discovering art and culture.
    2. To be as close as possible to arts.
    3. To have an experience working in the biggest art event in the world.


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