National Pavilion UAE - Meet Mouza Al Matrooshi – in three different ways…
  • Meet Mouza Al Matrooshi – in three different ways…


    This blog post will roll out a series of 3 pieces of information about myself, starting with an intro; I am Moza Almatrooshi, a 22 year old female, who listens to all types of music: if it sounds good to me then I’ll listen to it. Ranging from heavy metal, to indie pop, to the oud strings and acoustics of Meehad Hamad, and the melodic tones of Fairouz and Umm Kalthoum. The spectrum is limitless and inconsistent, and the quality of most of the songs I listen to is debatable, but I’ll spare you the details. I’m not a music person by the way, wait was that the fourth piece of information…

    The next 3 pieces of information will consist of how I see art. Complexity, simplicity, and contradictory; these words flash themselves through my mind when the topic of art is brought up. Also if I start writing more I fear my typing will not cease. You’re welcome.

    The 3 reasons I chose to apply to the Venice internship are non-existent; they exceed the limits of that number, so I’ll just try my best to highlight what possessed me to click “apply”.  As an interior design student with a background in art I found myself trying to understand both realms of design and art and how can they be merged or to what extent can they be connected. My graduation is fast approaching and so I have been immersing myself in a whirlwind of experiences before I get thrown out of the comfort bubble I was in as a student. I decided to challenge myself and my refusal to stop learning was what drove me to pursue this distinctive program.

    Finally, the assumptions I have preconceived about going Venice, Italy formed long before applying since I have been to Venice a couple of times a few years ago, this time I’ll experience it with the eyes of a person who will live and work there. So here it goes: I expect to enjoy this to the maximum level, I expect to earn bragging rights, and rightfully so, because I expect to work hard and indulge in my surroundings as a result. Lastly, I expect this to change me forever.   

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