National Pavilion UAE - Meet Omar Al Busaidy- in three different ways…
  • Meet Omar Al Busaidy- in three different ways…


    Hi There! My name’s Omar Al Busaidy, 27. Some things that people don’t know about me is I have a metal in my back, although I listen to mostly House music I used to be a rapper, and I’m a visiting lecturer at many local universities in the UAE.

    I see art as:

    1. An opportunity to tell it as it is without stepping on anyone’s toes
    2. A chance to do crazy things and not be judged to actually be crazy but seen that you’re an “artist”
    3. Hope that there are still normal people out there..

    I chose to apply for the Venice Internship because:

    1. An opportunity comes once in a life time
    2. A chance to meet people and share knowledge and information
    3. Represent my country in a positive light

    I think Italians are:

    1. Hot
    2. Proud
    3. Love to eat
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