National Pavilion UAE - Meet our Fellows in [Three] different ways ..
  • Meet our Fellows in [Three] different ways ..

    Meet our fellows is your window to know everything about the wonderful 18 fellows we have selected from the United Arab Emirates, and the 6 Fellows that will be working with us from Italy. This year, the Venice Internship Program has also employed Italian Interns fluent in Arabic, and interested in pursuing a career in cultural development in the Middle East, and the greater Arab Region.

    We have asked the fellows to send us their 3 thoughts about everything: themselves, Art, Italy and the Venice Intership Program. As we celebrate our third successful participation at the Venice Biennale, we thought what better theme than 3. 

    We asked them this:

    Name, profession, age

    Three things no one knows about you, but should perhaps?

    Three ways of defining art as you see it

    Three reasons why you applied for the venice internship program

    Three assumptions you have about Venice, Italy or Italians..

    The posts have not been edited, what we have received is what we publish ( minus the spelling and grammar mistakes of course!)

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