National Pavilion UAE - Meet Sara Al Haddad- in three different ways …
  • Meet Sara Al Haddad- in three different ways …


    Sara Al Haddad


    Sara Al Haddad, a twenty-four years old artist. My friends address me as ‘Haddad’ and know me by my endless mispronunciations – it gives them the chuckles, really.

    Three things no one knows about you, but should perhaps?

    1. Brown is my all time favourite colour. 
    2. Jigsaw puzzle clears my mind.
    3. The freefalling in skydiving was the best twenty-something seconds of my life.

    Three ways of defining art as you see it, what it really means to you?

    1. Means of expression when words fail to evoke and transcend the emotion.
    2. Exposes vulnerabilities within.
    3. Leaves you in awe.

    Three reasons why you applied for the Venice internship program

    1. Cultural exchange.
    2. Networking.
    3. Develop a better understanding of the contemporary art scene on an international level.

    Three assumptions you have about Venice, Italy or Italians…

    1. Architectural. 
    2. City of Art. 
    3. Renaissance.
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