National Pavilion UAE - Meet the interns!
  • Meet the interns!

    Get to know our November interns:

    Amal Mohammed Murad

    Amal Murad

    Half Emirati/half Bahraini Multimedia Designer who graduated from the American University of Sharjah. When she is not working as a freelance graphic designer and film-maker, she find herself leaning towards sports and more outdoor activities. Follow her on Instagram: @smallpackages_

    Mariangel Salerno

    Mariangel Salerno

    Mariangel Salerno, an Italian who was born in a small city near Taranto, in the south of Italy. Two years ago, she moved to Venice, where she obtained a masters degree in “Languages and Economic and Legal Institutions of Asia and North Africa”. She loves travelling and meeting new friends from all over the world. Follow her on Instagam: @mari_reem

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