National Pavilion UAE - Moza ,Mariam, Gabriella and Tala .. Thank you
  • Moza ,Mariam, Gabriella and Tala .. Thank you

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    You survive opening week at the biennale and the hectic may/june art craze in Venice and you think you are set for the next 5 months in Venice ; no more emotional roller coasters until you encounter the second batch of interns and relive Venice all over again through their wandering eyes.

    Mariam Al Mazroui, Gabriella Quaglati, Tala Worrell and Moza Al Matrooshi were a fantastic bunch. Other than giving their all at work, there was this refreshing sense of adventure that they had that made me look into this city that has become home, differently.

    Each one of the girls came with her own sets of experiences and stories that are so different from the other you wonder how they actually all got along just fine. But that was the pleasant element in this group, that  even though they didnt know each other before this trip, they all made an effort to be patient, to understand, not to judge and most importantly to be there for each other in this strange city, full of strange tourists.

    It was a nice change for me personally to be surrounded by girls and talk about things girls often talk about. But also, there was the professional element; these girls did really work hard at the pavilion and every day they came wanting to add just a little more.

    The Venice Internship Program is a fantastic opportunity and a learning experience. But what the Venice Internship Program media campaign didn’t tell you , is that this month you spend in Venice will change you in ways you didnt think possible, and will be fastest way to gain true friends for life, I know I have.

    We will miss you Mariam, Moza, Gabriella and Tala.

    Mariam Wissam

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