National Pavilion UAE - On Divinity, Water and UAE’s representation | by Khalid Al Ali
  • On Divinity, Water and UAE’s representation | by Khalid Al Ali


    Walking on Water | color video installation ,with sound effects of wave for 2 mins loop,in overall dimensions variable.

    My first impression ,same as the title of work, was walking on water.I like being in water and at first, I felt dizzy, after that I felt like it can be real ,what will happen if I am lost in middle of the sea ,Especially after I saw the time on the floor of the art work from the screen show the time of shooting the video was at 7:09:59 P.M almost the beginning of the night and darkness will soon be everywhere. Would someone help me?  If i am indeed lost in water, where would my friends be? busy on their new Apps, chatting in Majles or perhaps even busy watching TV. What about my family? would they rush to help me, knowing that I was probably staying late? If i was indeed lost in water, who would be there for me?

    For me, it was Allah, and this is the divine connection I felt when experiencing the work of Mohammed Kazem; a divine connection.

    Having one artist with one work representing the UAE is both negative and positive. On the positive note, people will be impacted and remember the one strong work presented by the UAE, but also it could be a missed opportunity to show the works of more artists during the Venice Biennale.

    Mohammed Kazem’s work toys with water in the city of Water, and inspired by a beautiful coastal country, and  historical ties with water and the sea.

    Water water water water everywhere

    Water water water water everyday

    Sun set dark start high wave

    Water water water water all the way

    Win or lose try to choose

    Water water water water anyway…

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