National Pavilion UAE - One Artist: Several Meanings | Ilaria Balestra
  • One Artist: Several Meanings | Ilaria Balestra


    The work of Mohammad Kazem makes me think of  Romantic paintings of Friedrich or Bocklin. Looking at the projection I can feel the mysterious and famous “spleen”, an unmotivated sense of unease manifested in seasickness that most of us feel inside.

    The water has a dark blue colour and everything appears wild, immense, powerful in its roughness. Anxiety and consolation feelings overlap as a result of the terrifying beauty of “Walking on water” nature.

    The artist experience itself suggests ambiguity: a men falls down in the sea and remains there floating for a while, the greatness of the nature surrounds and even overwhelms him through a climax in which the sense of being lost is the apex. The way we hold tight the fence inside the dome shows how strongly we perceive this flow of feelings, which the artist pours on us.

    Several pavilions host more than one artist and, of course, different artworks: each one shows a glimpse of the artist’s universe, a sort of dazzling journey. While, in a glance, we grasp few sensations and suggestions of the artist master plan.

    A solo artist exhibition offers a way to establish a solid and constant relation between the audience and artist . Sometimes visitors need to be lead and questioned throughout the exhibition experience so, somehow, a focus on one artist let them be easily involved in the creative process of awareness, helping them to understand the deepest meaning of the work or even understanding their own emotions.

    Following this path, visitors are totally kept by the intensity of the interaction with the artwork: a lullaby and nightmare for souls.

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