National Pavilion UAE - Reporting from Venezia | Mariam W. Al Dabbagh
  • Reporting from Venezia | Mariam W. Al Dabbagh


    This blog has been still for some time now, given the intense schedule of our team and the Interns’ over-excitement now that the opening of la Biennale di Venezia is in few days. I will keep this short and sweet with a promise that I will post more photos and stories soon.

    To our interns, and our first batch in specific, the weather is strange! I came here expecting typical May-June Venice weather only to be faced with wind, rain and really cold nights. Sometimes it changes drastically to warm and breezy for a couple of hours, only to get cold again.

    Advice:  Get a jacket with you, be slightly prepared for some cold breeze.

    The city is as beautiful as I remember it, and every time I walk by a nice shop or cafe I take mental notes to introduce such lovely places to our interns. The Arsenale is quite intense these days with workers from all pavilions making sure all final details are taken care of. You will see when you come here soon that the friendships you form with workers and employees of other pavilions will last for life; there is something to be said about sharing such intense times with strangers, who soon become closer than your friends.

    Mohammed Kazem is taking wonderful photos documenting the process, we will post some of them soon.

    The opening is in few days, and we are prepared to welcome thousands of VIP’s , artists, collectors, press and students in our space. We will keep you updated with all the developments as we start the official countdown to the opening of “Walking on Water”.

    We will also welcome Mohammed Al Serkal and Adel Al Jabri in few days, I will make sure to document their arrival for you. This is really an exciting time to be working in the arts and culture industry.

    Thats it for now, back to the pavilion!


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