Application Form

National Pavilion UAE - Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Venice Internship.


Applicants should be:

— Emirati or long-term residents

— Over 21 years old

— Hold a Bachelor of Arts, Architecture and/or other related majors.

— Must speak, read English fluently.

— Available to travel for up to 40 days (with written consent from parents).

Interns will be sent to Venice in groups of 2 or 3 people, on a 30-day rotation from May 2019.

— Costs covered by the Venice Internship include Schengen visa, return ticket to Venice (economy), travel insurance, accommodation, access to museums, per diem.

— Interns will be required to attend mandatory training sessions prior to their departure. Failure to participate in training will result in termination from the program.

— An Italian intern will join the group in Venice.

Once in Venice interns will be tasked with the following:


— Maintain the integrity of the exhibition.

— Ensure that pavilion artwork is kept in pristine exhibition condition, report any faults to National Pavilion’s office and supervise any cleaning/repairs done by designated fine-art specialists

— Monitoring, reporting and facilitating the repair of any technical faults

— Ensure that pavilion equipment is turned on and off each day, that equipment is kept in good working condition, report any faults to technical company and ensure that equipment is duly and quickly repaired/replaced

— Ensure that the pavilion is always neat and tidy. Tidy furniture and ensure dust is kept off artwork, equipment and furniture, supervise cleaning (by Biennale-appointed cleaners).

— Opening and closing the exhibition everyday


— Running guided tours of the works when requested to

— Greeting visitors and providing basic to comprehensive information about the National Pavilion of the UAE – its inception, concept, collaborators, sponsors, etc. These tours will follow a fixed format devised by the curator and exhibition director.

— Presenting themselves as friendly and willing to assist guests at all times

— Logging of specific enquiries and ensuring feedback to the National Pavilion’s office (UAE)


— Event management support – running errands, packing and giving out press kits/information packs/VIP gifts, identifying/registering/greeting/guiding guests to waiting area, etc.

— PR for the National Pavilion and social networking.

— Document/Photograph/Video the Pavilion events and record audience feedback on the pavilion

— Updates for the National Pavilion’s website

— Coordinate with pavilion collaborators on the interactive components and manage any contribution from the public

— Report if anything damaging is posted to social networking sites.

— Maintain filing system to document all PR materials as they are released in the UAE

— Market research coordination

— Keep count of how many visitors we get a day, enquiries pertaining to particular artwork/artists/ components/catalogues, etc


— Interns will submit a weekly assignment whilst in Venice based on written critiques of the Biennale, museums and other aspects of their experience in Venice.

— Select assignment submissions will be published on the National Pavilion UAE’s website blog.