National Pavilion UAE - Visiting Kosovo | By Ahmad Al Areef
  • Visiting Kosovo | By Ahmad Al Areef

    In the modern world artists are imposing art on almost every aspect in life. The influence we live nowadays whether it was our interest or not is major .One way or another the surrounding will get to be a rolling stone that drives our wagon of achievements. The 26-years-old artist Petrit Halilaj, was the commissioned artist that the republic of Kosovo is representing itself for the first time in its history.

    “I’m hungry to keep you close.

    I want to find the words to resist but in the end there is a locked sphere.

    The funny thing is that you’re not here, nothing is.”Petrit Halilaj

    The depiction of reality based on Halilaj’s personal experience of war, memories of a rural childhood, destruction, exodus, and displacement sums up the new site-specific installation made for the Biennale.

    The controversy behind their participation was more likely to make a huge statement to the world, in which art was one of the tools the republic of Kosovo is taking a step forward to form an establishment a diverse healthy society. I personally do not see the contemporary art scene can escape the harsh political situation Kosovo is in. countries like China, Russia, and Spain do not recognize Kosovo, which five years ago has declared independence from Serbia.  What can Kosovo still holds on to strangle itself up internationally is by participating as a country pavilion at one of the world’s premier art events.

    An article was written about Halilaj’s work at The New York Times was discussing the influence of war on artists as well and mentioned a very interesting quote by a young artist:

    “It’s Darwinian because it throws out the people who do not want to do it for real,” said Brilliant Pireva, 19, an award-winning artist who spent a large chunk of his childhood as a refugee in New Zealand. “You live poorly and you cannot afford anything, so the only reason you are doing it is because you either love it or you need to. I wish I was born loving economics or computer programming but art is my thing.”

    The series of Art in everyone’s own chapter of life reflects a positive step.  In order to experience the fantasy, the pure feeling, the misery or happiness, and idea behind what an artist is trying to show is better left untouched and unmodified. of course, depending on what scale the artist will be showcasing and by what name is they are representing her/him self with, will always determine whether a government play the role of taming the outcome or not.

    Finally, any international activity will always be political, the art industry is taking its toll on social communities globally, it is better to be subjective.

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