National Pavilion UAE - Walking on Water: Complexity and Freedom | Mohammed Al Serkal
  • Walking on Water: Complexity and Freedom | Mohammed Al Serkal


    Footsteps shadow glances through the rough marble as we were rushing to the exhibition where Mohammed Kazem’s work will be shown, it is my second day in Venice and this day, the installation will be almost done. Going up the stairs meeting my colleagues I was aware that in a couple of minutes I will finally visualize what we have been introduced to in our 4-months training. In a trance I completely forgot that I had work to do, and many boxes to be removed. Finally Curator Reem Fada said it’s working. Many went in, I stood out with an empty box in hand,  and walked slowly in. The feeling was surprisingly empty, so I left. I didn’t want to disappoint myself; I didn’t want to realize the unimaginable. The reason was because; it was still not finished. So I took a breather and went back to work and gush on my new found love of Venice.

    Before I explain more, a small introduction to the mastermind Mohammed Kazem should be understood. The artist, Mohammed Kazem was born in the lovely emirate of Dubai, He studied arts in the Emirates Fine Art society, then on studied music at the Al Rayat Music institute of Dubai and painting at the Edinburgh College of Art, recently Mohammed graduated from the University of Fine Arts, Philadelphia as he completed Masters in Fine Arts.

    Mohammed was inspired by an event that changed his course creatively and would demonstrate contemporary art in a more specific way. Unbalanced Mohammed found himself lost at sea for half an hour, he didn’t know where he was, $what will happen, and where he will end up. Then one of his friends found him while using a GPS (Geographical positioning system), he probably didn’t know then that this event will create new visions of creativity. The Directions series 2005-2013 hosts a lot of his artwork resembling the GPS system, and how it has an effect on the human being.

    On the 29th of May was the VIP preview , and we were on foot awaiting the appearance of the established elites coming to experience what I have yet to see. We arrived some time before the opening, and I had just the time, almost 45 mintues to experience the dome, to finally see what I have been studying for months now.

    Walking into it, I saw a dark blue light; I heard the sound of waves gushing across one another. Darkness took over the room as I began moving forward. All of a sudden the waves were all around; the dome was a 360 degrees video-installation  in high definition,and perfect in clarity. It was a serene feeling, you floated for a second, you moved in the other, you smiled for a while then you think for another. Much like the video it was a whirlwind of thought, a peaceful hurricane of emotion. The dome was also covered in black and blue, colors that will give you calmness and avoiding discomfort. Many people may differ to what I have experienced but many of them were absolutely right. It definitely is special, a one of a kind masterpiece of unprecedented innovation.

    Mohammed explained to me that, being in the dome as an object you are floating on the surface moving from side to side, and you may land in a place where it’s convenient, or vise versa.

    The installation meant freedom to me, I chose where I want to be, I believe what I want to believe in, I create my own path as free as I can be. Free as we all want to be. Free as freedom is meant to be.

    This was an opinion from an adolescent writer.

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