National Pavilion UAE - Welcome to Venice | by Adel Al Jabri
  • Welcome to Venice | by Adel Al Jabri

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    Photo by Adel Al Jabri

    2 weeks prior to my arrival in Venice, I left the UAE for the Cannes Film Festival for a work trip. There I had numerous duties such as watching films and providing criticism on them, and taking care of the UAE pavilion in Cannes, which was shared between the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, the Dubai Intl Film Festival, the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Film Commissions, Twofour54, and Dubai Studio City. It was my third time to visit Cannes, and I was very much looking forward to starting my new adventure in Venice.

    Beautiful and breathtaking is the best way to explain Venice the second I got off the boat at the San Zaccaria stop by the Grand Canal. The weather was chilly that Sunday afternoon and Venice was bustling! The number of tourists stampeding down the Grand Canal was intimidating but amongst the crowds I heard Mariam’s familiar voice shouting “ADEL! WELCOME TO VENICE!!” I was welcomed warmly by her and Mohammed and immediately felt at home!

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    Photo by Adel Al Jabri

    From there we headed to the apartment that Mohammed and I are now sharing to drop my bags and head straight to the UAE Pavilion in Arsenale. It was an unexplainable feeling to be navigating through the alleys and feeling like a Venetian heading to work instead of just being a lost tourist.

    After months of planning and hard work, to see the pavilion and Mohammed Kazem’s work become a reality was a big moment of pride, even though I’m just an intern. This program and the people working for the UAE pavilion have made me truly feel like part of the team and I can be sure to repay them through my hard work and commitment.

    Coming to Venice is a new adventure for me. I am very much looking forward to the next month.

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